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Kyoto, Kurashiki, Hida Takayama and other old towns in Japan are characterized by serene houses that have lattice façades. The scenery of streets lined with houses having a continuous lattice is most likely the original scenery of towns in Japan. The scenery with lattice will not tire us since it is classic but does not have an old fashioned look.

The regularity of thin pillars of lattices without excessive decoration contributes to the delicate beauty they produce. We adopted the simple lattice design to the backrest of this chair. This lattice chair has an atmosphere of Japanese taste with an elegant and modern look, thus this chair is used in many Japanese-style hotels and locations that focus on creating a Japanese atmosphere.

The expression of lattice in old towns was used for the frame of the bed. Lattices are used widely in the townhouses of Japan where the scenery of continuous spokes standing vertically is a typical scenery of traditional Japan. The lattices surrounding the three sides of the mattress are similar to beds made in the Ming and Qing dynasties where it gives an impression of a large legless chair. It feels as though you are inside a basket when surrounded by lattices. The spacious mattress provides a luxurious relaxing area by placing some cushions around the lattice.

Item No. B-151 / B-152 / B-153 / B-154
Size: W1050×D2090×H760×MH450 〜 W1670×D2090×H760×MH450
Silky pocket mattress