Musashi has the same design as Sakura Sakura, but the front and back legs are connected by wooden bars to allow use in Japanese-style tatami rooms. The chair can also be used for spaces other than Japanese-style rooms and hotels, or Japanese restaurants, since the sense of unity of the entire chair forms a special and unique Japanese presence, different from four legged chairs. It is a new, unique Japanese chair with long flat bars contacting on the floor, and a balanced design with a vertical-latticed backrest and the legs.

Due to the legs with connecting bars, the chair has a design with a wooden frame continuous from the back posts to the back legs, and to the front legs. It reminds us of the old Japanese townscapes in Kyoto and Hida Takayama, as well as Japanese buildings such as temples and shrines, in which individual pieces are connected and completed into unity. The lattice provides an impression of Japanese style with tidy beauty. The lattice edges are slightly chamfered for additional comfort, and this results in the creation of a soft atmosphere within a sense of tension.