Moon mirror

The machine-processed, curved-surface finish of the edge of the tabletop used in our Moon table, is introduced to the frame of our Moon mirror. We have arrived at the current shape after repeated trial and error investigations into the best way of cutting a solid piece of wood. Basically, to form the rounded finish of the outer edges of the frame, the round shape is numerically specified, and a suitable blade is used to machine the basic shape.

Of course, the process does not end there. The board is then polished to remove the machine marks created by the blade to finally achieve a carefully finished, smooth, curved surface.

The process of machining is almost identical worldwide, but there are differences — that is differences in product quality and the smoothness and subtlety of the finish — resulting from the overall manufacturing process. A very important step in this process is the selection of materials. In addition to evaluating the quality of materials to be used, this process determines how such materials can be used most effectively.

For example, the direction and the combination of individual materials that will be assembled as one whole will change the impression and characteristics created by the wood. Furthermore, after cutting the product in accordance with the design drawing using an automatic CNC machine or a router cutting machine, the final finishing process creates a major difference. The look of a product finished according to the same drawing differs manufacturer by manufacturer — 100 different looks would be produced if there were 100 different manufacturers.

The face of each product varies according to how the destination is defined. The accuracy of each and every process exudes from the finish of the product’s curved surface. Our company values a product’s texture and the look and feel obtained as a result of the manual crafting of a product as well as the refined taste exhibited to painstakingly achieve a finish and nuanced gradients that are not presented in the original drawings.

Item No. M-301 / M-302 / M-303 / M-304 / M-305
Size: W900×H900×D30 〜 1200×H2000×D30