Most coat hangers that can be seen in old coffee shops and bistros in Paris and Vienna are using bentwood pieces made of Thonet. More than half of the traditional coffee shops in Paris could be using this type of coat hanger made of bentwood pieces.

This popular coat hanger has a thick center wood piece that stands straight up with bentwood branches attached in four directions. Hooks of these bentwood pieces are used to hang coats. A simplified form of the Thonet coat hanger design is the coat hanger, Mary.

A Thonet coat hanger has many decorative attachments for convenience. But not so many hooks are necessary for daily use. A center pole is standing from a round base made of steel and four curved steel parts are attached similar to the bentwood pieces of a Thonet. The upper and lower ends of the curved parts are the eight hooks of the coat hanger.

A sturdy round base is used for better stability even when many heavy coats are hung on it. Mary is a simplified style of a traditional Thonet coat hanger made of steel with a white powder coating finish.

Item No. AH-111
Size: W400×D400×H1650
Steel – white