Linate brass, Linate wood

The basic specifications of our Linate sofa have not changed since its original design around 2001. The simple backrest and seat configuration, supported by a solid base of rectangular-section wood for the legs still embodies our clean, simplistic design concept. The thick leg frame evokes the simple mood of a Japanese-style construction. And the streamlined backrests and the depth of the seats add to the Japanese aesthetic of the sofa. The Linate wood has been our biggest selling corner-type sofa.

Without losing sight of the design simplicity that has characterized this sofa, we wanted to evolve the product. By revising its internal structure and various other details, we have carefully remodeled it. Making the seat thin gives the whole sofa a greater sense of width and a more delicate Japanese look. We replaced the urethane inners of the seats with pocket coils, like those used in mattresses, to achieve greater springiness and resilience. This has improved both seating comfort and durability.

A key characteristic of this sofa is its armless design, which enables a sweeping uninterrupted line of sight horizontally across the width of the interior space. The sense of space efficiency and simplicity gives the sofa a lean and elegant look. To make the backrests more comfortable, without compromising the look or presence of the sofa in the space, we increased their height. Also, by making the seats, sides, and backrests slightly plumper the sofa now has a gentle fullness, despite the thinness of the seats and backrests. The Linate, which is most commonly used as a corner sofa, is also offered in single-seat and two-seat configurations.

Some very subtle details were added in the design of the wood legs. The previously flat-surfaced legs have been given a mild bulge. Their gentle curve lines add some softness and a certain Japanese structural beauty to the sofa. Furthermore, the addition of fine ornamental beading to border the wooden frame gives the sofa a more consistent and classy look, accentuating the Japanese flavor and the softness of the wood surface. Through simple design and subtle detailing, we tried to make the sofa more delicate, while preserving its overall impression. Although we added a number of expressive features to the sofa, the distinctive look of its overall silhouette and outline remain unchanged.

In addition to this one with wood legs, we are also offering a lighter version of the sofa, featuring brass legs made by lost-wax casting and an extruded base. The unique expressiveness of the brass assimilated well with the sofa body. The combination of the fabric or leather on the thin seats with the golden color of brass makes this sofa a very distinctive alternative to the Linate wood.

Item No. S-251B / S-252B / S-253BL,R / S-254BL,R / S-255B / S-251W / S-252W / S-253WL,R / S-254WL,R / S-255W
Size: W850×D850×H715×SH395 ~ W2650×D850×H715×SH395
Back / Seat
Fabric covering(F)
Leather upholstered(L)
Brass – Polish / Black stain