The sofa body sits low, with just a slight opening above the floor, such that the sofa’s imposing presence seems to merge with the floor, creating the visual impact of an interior “landscape”. The low arms further accentuate the sofa’s width, giving it a decidedly unconstrained look. The generous depth, which enables a comfortable setting, is designed to firmly support the whole body, even when reclining. Small springs, called pocket coils, like those used in mattresses, are fitted centrally inside the removable sitting cushions, to provide just the right amount of depression and springiness.

To ensure a soft feel, the pocket coils are covered by feather bags containing genuine feathers. Although urethane is commonly used inside cushions, as the urethane deteriorates over time, the cushions lose their elasticity and resilience. The inclusion of pocket coils in the seat of the sofa preserves elasticity, enabling a new level of sitting pleasure. The backrests are constructed by layering feather bags over urethane and then filling with polyester cotton to eliminate all unevenness. The result is a super smooth finish that feels delightfully soft to the back when sitting on the sofa.

To give the sofa an all-around visual and tactile softness, resin cotton is also utilized in the tops of the arms and side surfaces, as well as the rear surface. The feeling of sitting on the sofa varies with the materials used. With careful consideration of durability, the sofa was created to achieve harmony between visual design and sitting experience.

A wood-frame structure is used for the body, with the seat surface and backrest constructed for optimum comfort and resilience. The distinctively styled legs of the sofa, made as short as possible to evoke a sense of oneness with the floor, are made of steel plates and cored bar, finished in a matte black. The legs even permit adjustment to correct for any slight unevenness of the floor surface. As you recline on it leisurely, the sofa’s large size gives you a sense of relaxed stability. If you opt for leather, the impression is even more splendid, while the soft look of fabric will fill out any interior space.

Item No. S-231 / S-232 / S-233L,R / S-234 / S-235L,R
Size: W1360×D985×H675×SH360 ~ W2695×D985×H675×SH360
Back / Seat
Fabric covering(F)
Leather upholstered(L)
Steel – Black