Intersect is a cafe table made using the technique of metal casting in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, a tradition that has been handed down by many companies today. This cast metal is made at the Dogu foundry, which is currently operated by a young president, and the foundry has been in operation for more than 100 years in the city.

As the name Dogu (literally meaning Tools) shows, the foundry has a long history of metal casting. Although they currently use sand molds for casting, they apparently also used a technique called lost-wax casting to manufacture a wide variety of tools. Around the time of WWII, this factory manufactured sculptures, bronze statues, and Buddhist statues and altar articles that were exported to foreign countries. However, along with the changes of the times, they have come to make as signboards for the government and commemorative plates for the completion of tunnels and bridges. Using this beautiful and sensitive casting technique, together with the factory, we tried to make furniture that could be realized only in Japan.

Although many of our products today are made at Dogu, there was a long way to reach here. One of the products we worked on in the initial stage of such a trial was this Intersect. Cafe table legs generally are made with aluminum or steel, but by using heavy bronze, large top boards can be supported by the weight of the legs. Although the shape of the legs is designed to secure stability, the tips depict a streamlined shape like an airplane wing, providing a light impression and sense of tension as well as softness.

Item No. T-391 / T-392
Size: W700×D700×H720 / φ900×H720
Wood: Oak. Finish: Soap / Beeswax / Tannin black
Wood: Walnut Finish: Beeswax
Finish: Ash. Finish: Black / Charcoal gray / Snow white / Dark wenge
Leg: Bronze