Fan back arm Windsor

The Windsor chair prototype is said to be a simple chair made by farmers living in a forested area in the central region of England, cutting up assorted trees from that land in the 17th century. 

To know the Windsor chair’s value, it is necessary to understand the lifestyle of commoners, and it is thought to have depth in furniture culture not inferior to the aristocrat-level art. Sturdy and comfortable, the Windsor chair, which was logically put together, has become diversified to suit different times and regions. Even now, it continues to be a significant influence in the designing of chairs. There are many ways to interpret the definition of this historical Windsor chair.

Generally, it is said to be a chair with a thick wooden seat and a wooden back and wooden legs joined together with mortise and tenon joints. A mortise and tenon joint is a method in which a hole is opened and directly inserted into. It is a rational way to assemble a chair that uses wood’s flexibility and elasticity to create a strong chair.