*Although We have made every effort to display the colors accurately, We cannot guarantee that a device’s display accurately reflects the color of the products. Your product may vary slightly from those images on the website.

*Some of our products, particularly those that contain or are made from natural materials may be delicate and you should avoid exposing them to heat, sunlight and other harmful elements as the exposure may cause them to tarnish, colors to fade or other damage.


To perfectly finalize the Time & Style designs, we use the fabrics produced by the Dutch weaving mill De Ploeg, established in 1923, and the traditional Japanese Kokura strips since the Edo period.

Fabric care

• Never cut loops or remove them, but put them back into the tissue.

• Use a vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle.

• Brush with a soft furniture brush.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Do not use soap or detergents. 

• In the case of staining, only use lukewarm water with a soft towel. Layover the stain and allow the towel to dry without lifting it in between (it can take up to 24 hours).

Riff (F1)

Fleece wool 92% / Polyamide 8%

Bergen (F1)

fleece wool 75% / nylon 25%

Strand (F1)

Polyacrylonitrile 67% / linen 17% / polyester 16%

Ruig (F1)

viscose 25% / polyester 35% / acryl 40%

Kokura stripes (F1)

cotton 100%

Katsuragi (F1)

cotton 100%

Everest (F2)

wool 34% / linen 34% / cotton 29% / polyamide 3%

Andes (F2)

fleece wool 100%

Bolster (F2)

polyester 100%


The natural mark on leather is an inherent characteristic of material and a sign of genuine leather.

Sunlight will cause the leather to fade. Please avoid positioning in direct sunlight.

Please note that leather may eventually stretch over time.

Leather care

• Do not harm the leather with water or oil. Regular dusting with dry cloth is all you need.

• Do not use a damp cloth to wipe off which might damage the surface . Please do not use any detergent or cleaner.

• Our leather has a protective layer on top, so no need to use any leather conditioner Less is more to keep our leather in good condition.

embossed leather (L1)

smooth leather (L2)


Wood is natural material and as such there are natural variations in the color, grain and texture over which we have no control. That’s the characteristics of natural materials and therefore we cannot guarantee that the products you receive will be exactly same as the image on the website.

Natural solid wood and veneer can show expansion and contraction, warping, cracks because of humidity and temperature. This is a natural process for materials to adapt to the environment.

Wood care

• Wipe dry along the grain of the wood and wipe off any stains immediately.

• Avoid direct sunlight, wet or hot objects.

• Do not place near a stove or heat radiating appliance.


Japanese Oak

Wild Cherry



White Ash