Kitchen Storage / Pantry Storage

This storage unit offers convenient usability of the kitchen by storing all tools efficiently and functionally from kitchen appliances, such as a microwave oven and rice cooker, to small tableware and cutlery.

- The functionality of the area means everything is within reach for easier work and a more usable kitchen.
- The design allows convenient use of kitchen appliances and cooking utensils, and a spacious drawer is available to store cutlery and small articles.
- The lift flap door, which is suitable for storage and the use of kitchen appliances, opens and closes softly and quietly and can stop in any position.


  • Drawer for cutlery and small articles
  • Garbage box
  • Flap-up door


HOUSE STORAGE  ご案内の流れ HOUSE STORAGE: Flow from Arrangements to Furnishing The showroom representing a house consists of solid natural wood floors and painted walls and ceilings where you can see storage furniture for various life scenes, such as for the entrance, corridor, kitchen, living-dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and study room. In the showroom, we also provide consultations to each visitor for everything from furniture planning, including storage, to the coordination of interior elements based on his/her view of living, ideas, environment, and living space.

HOUSE STORAGE: Flow from Arrangements to Furnishing

1. Visiting TIME & STYLE HOUSE STORAGE Showroom and Arrangements

2. Confirmation and Study of Living Space

3. Proposal (Preparation of Estimate and Design Drawing)

4. Contract

5. Making by Japanese Cabinetmakers

6. Delivery (Carrying in and Construction)

7. After-Sales Service

地震対策及び安全対策 Earthquake preparedness and safety measures In addtion to the structure of our furniture, we also ensure safety by implementing such measures as installing earthquake-proof latches for preventing doors from opening due to shaking, anti-shattering films for preventing broken glass from scattering, and tip-resistant bars for preventing stored materials from falling. We design, produce, and sell furniture after confirming the customer’s living environment and use. For installation and assembly, our employees secure furniture to the base of walls completely by securing them both horizontally and vertically without adding excess force to the furniture and the floors and walls of the installation location. It is our hope to provide peace of mind, a sense of security and trust to the lifestyle of customers through our interior collections.

Earthquake preparedness and safety measures


Securing with adjusters

Securing to the surface of walls

Furniture joints

Furniture levelers