Edward seamless sofa

With the ridgeline of the sofa’s main body that starts from the arms depicting an organic line and continuing to the backrest, this sofa’s entire design is completed in one curved line. By adding ample volume to the arms and backrest, and a sense of tension in a single line stretching from the arms to the backrest, we succeeded in giving it a sensitive, sharp appearance at the same time.

At the inner contact points of the arms and backrest, you can see beautiful bulges without sewing wrinkles thanks to the high technology and rich experience, giving it a bewitching presence as contrasted with the outer side’s flat design. For legs, choose from two wood legs that are cut from solid wood and aluminum cast legs. You can make the entire design of this highly diverse sofa either modern or calm and classical depending on the legs you choose.

Because we have been making sofas with a sofa factory in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture for about 22 years, at the time of our last president, our sofa manufacturing has been supported by the long time we shared with them. We have been developing a variety of different sofas with this factory since we started to make our own products.

Because there few sofas with modern designs back then, we enhanced each other while working on the development of new sofas. Our products are supported by our own factory and the collaboration of many other factories and craftspeople throughout Japan. The accumulated time resides in the products we developed over time.

The quintessential Japanese product manufacture is rooted all over the country and consists of delicate attention in every detail of the products. We are happy to be able to make products in such a country with high aesthetics, showing great possibilities in the future as well.

Item No. SI-311 / SI-312 / SI-313 / SW-311 / SW-312 / SW-313
Size: W820×D820×H735×SH385 ~ W1990×D820×H735×SH385
Back / Seat
Fabric upholstered(F)
Leather upholstered(L)
Aluminum, Steel