Double Vision lounge

This chair is characterized by the marriage of the round rear legs smoothly unified at the joint surface of the back column and backboard. The rear legs, despite being round, match beautifully and unify the gently round backboard, which was the most difficult part in designing this chair. In addition, by adding a slight curve to form the shape of an arch in line with the gentle curve from the back to the front of the arms, as well as the wooden part of arms, the design delivers a soft feel when the hand or elbow is placed on the arm.

The angle of the rear legs is not excessively sideways, which achieves dignity, sophistication, and elegance with the well-balanced tension without being intrusive. In the final step, we used a soap finish to accent the expression of white wood. While the name, Double Vision, originated from entirely different impressions projected by the backboard and back column, it emphasizes the chair’s unique outline seen from the back, where the arms gently curve anteriorly from behind.