Damenhocker Stool

Zumthor House | Haldenstein, Switzerland | 2005


Peter Zumthor’s private house and atelier in Haldenstein, Switzerland, is located next to his wooden studio built in the 1980s. The four-legged stool used in the music room is simple, comfortable, and upholstered in bright velour fabric. It can also be found in the wooden Leis houses, holiday villas also designed by Zumthor.

Named Damenhocker (ladies’ stool), the stool has a classic and sophisticated look with a hint of delicacy and cuteness but also a dignified appearance. It has a presence on its own but can be aligned or randomly arranged.

The legs carved out of solid wood are thinned towards the ground, lifting the plump seating in the air. The back of the seating is finished in black plywood, contrasting with the legs to create a clean composition with the seating.

Time & Style’s original tannin black finish is applied with a dye that reacts with the tannin in the wood, dying it black but retaining the natural texture. Oakwood was chosen for the back of the seat and the legs, for its high tannin content and compatibility with the tannin black finish. The seating is upholstered with colorful velour fabrics from a Swiss company, Christian Fischbach, available in five different colors to match the space. The upholstery is piped onto the plywood on the back, carefully finished even where it is not visible.

スイスのハルデンシュタインにあるズントー氏の自宅兼アトリエは、1980年代に建てられた木造アトリエのすぐ近くにある。この自宅の音楽室やアトリエ、ズントー氏設計の貸別荘Leis Hausで使われている4本脚のスツールは、シンプルで座り心地が良く、鮮やかなベロア生地で張られている。





Oak – Beeswax
Fabric – Wine

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