Context sofa (NEW)

A key feature of this sofa is the ability to attach a side table and armrest as options. Insert the armrests and the table parts into the brass legs to affix them. 

The optional parts include a side table that can be attached on the front, side, or between the seats, an armrest that can be used as a low elbow rest or pillow, and a side table that can be attached to the backside and used as a bookshelf or a display shelf, or as a side table for a chair placed beside it. 

All in all, 45 combinations are possible. Among these, we propose seven basic configurations. Considering the varieties of sofas and additional parts, over 315 combinations are available, letting you find a comfortable arrangement that suits your way of using the sofa and spending time. 

The item is finished into a compact size yet maintains a sense of volume. While achieving the comfort made possible by the sofa’s fundamental parts of seat and backrest, the product also pursues a simple design that does not strain the shoulders and elbows, taking on lightness and a casual feeling.