The first time we saw the prototype of this design was at an exhibition in Germany. This Conbrio was standing among products of young excellent designers who had gathered attention from around the world. Although there are many excellent products in such exhibitions, very few of them can be found in the market.

The level to be a marketable product is very high and difficult to achieve. However, the coat hanger Conbrio designed by Kazumi Abe naturally and inevitably stood out from among the other products. Conbrio is made mostly of wood. That may have been its advantage. It would have given a completely different impression if made of steel or another metal material.

The relationship between the material and the design is very close and its impression always changes significantly by the use of different materials. There are so many coat hangers with the design of branches growing from a tree. However, the motif of the coat hanger was designed from fallen branches in the mountains and that idea is outstanding. The white wood piece can be pulled out, serving as a hanger, on which they can hang a jacket. The design is charming with European taste.

Item No. AH-013
Size: W445×D400×H1800

leather – white
Designer: Kazumi Abe