Poe and Bellow are handmade by local artisans in Cirebon, Indonesia, a traditional center of rattan production. These rattan stools are our only products made outside of Japan. Although it is our general policy to make everything in Japan, that does not mean we are opposed to making products overseas.

The reason we are committed to domestic manufacturing is that it allows us to constantly and directly monitor every detail of production. Yet, if we discover outstanding manufacturing opportunities in another country — e.g., in the case of materials that enable superior production, materials that are unavailable, or techniques that have been lost — we are prepared to work together with people in other countries, investing the same level of importance and care that we do with products we make in Japan.

Rattan is an example of this approach. Cirebon in Indonesia has a long and thriving history as a center of the industrial art of making baskets and furniture from rattan. Many citizens of Cirebon weave rattan into products as a life-long means of livelihood. Supporting their families with this work, they start making rattan products in their early years and develop levels of skill.

The people of Cirebon wear expressions of real happiness. As we leave by car after a visit, children continue to smile and wave their hands at us until we disappear from their sight. These rattan stools, handwoven by such warmhearted people are redolent of happiness.

The stools are of trapezoidal shape, constructed of layered concentric circles for stability. The light stools can be placed in a living room, bathroom, or anywhere their charming material fits well. Easily movable, they can be used anywhere.