Baden Baden

Baden-Baden is one of Europe’s most popular hot springs located in Baden Wittenberg in South Germany. Most people in Japan visit hot springs for relaxation.

However, in Europe including Baden-Baden, many hot spring areas have hospitals, rehabilitation, resort, and recreational facilities since people visit there mainly to receive formal treatment prescribed by physicians. Such hot spring areas can be found throughout Germany where names of those areas always start with “Bad”. The verb “to bathe” in German is “baden”. Thus, the name “Baden-Baden” means “to bathe to bathe”. There are many entertainment facilities in this resort area, Baden-Baden is popular for one of the largest casinos in Germany. The towel hanger and coat hanger was named after its impression of the town and its baths.

The expression of the shaved white wood evokes the soft aroma of the wood. The freshness of its appearance will not be lost with the passage of time. This is a hanger that shows the calm expression and the beautiful aging of natural wood.