Angle composition cabinet

With this cabinet, we focused on extending the space by inclining the front face. Compared to most typical cabinets that stand vertical in the space, the inclined cabinet provides an open impression against the entire space and has a visual effect on the area.

The reason why there have not been such inclined drawer cabinets before is that it is very difficult to realize the precision of drawers tailored to an inclined angle and to align the angles of the front panels. The product was realized thanks to highly precise manufacturing achieved at our own factory in Asahikawa. The Angle composition cabinet is available in two variations — standard with flat front panels and the wave made by cutting solid wood in a wavelike pattern.

Item No. C-681 / C-681W / C-681P
Size: W2100×D450×H720


Body, Door – Standard / Wave
Body, Door – Pastel
Brass – Polish / Black stain